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A General Painting provides the highest quality Flooring Repairs and Installations in New Jersey. Our highly skilled and trained staff has years of experience.”


Need to replace or restore the floors in your home? A General Painting & Services Inc. has been providing NJ residents with the best flooring services since 1988.

Services include:

  • Floor Restoration

  • Floor Installation

  • Floor Staining

  • Floor Sanding

  • And more…

What you can expect:
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  • A General Painting offers new hardwood floor and stair installations to any homeowner or small commercial client. The only service we do not provide is glue-down floors. We provide nail-down or floating floor installations as well as stair treads and simple handrail installations.

  • What is typically included in this service is delivery of the material for acclimation, job site preparation (dust containment where necessary), and the actual installation of the chosen material. We use the best underlayment possible in either situation because the floor is only as good as the surface below it! All floors are installed to industry standards, and we treat every installation with attention to detail! For more information, contact us!

Your floors experience years of abuse from everyday living. Water damage is common in areas near exterior doors, and scratches or gouges may appear over time. If the scratch is large enough, it may affect the overall appearance of the floor and need to be repaired. There is only so much you can do to protect your floors, and sometimes before you can begin to refinish, you need to repair!


A General Painting has set itself apart from other companies in the wooden floor repair department. With extensive work on restoration projects in New Jersey, we can handle almost any repair job necessary to blend new material into existing floors and make it an almost perfect match. Sometimes a matching result isn’t possible if budget and timing are an issue. This is a good option in most cases to avoid a complete tear out. We can repair the area affected without losing the “look” of the floor. We always do our best, and the best way to get the results you seek is to be clear about your needs upfront! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

A General Painting takes your hardwood floors and stairs back to their natural state. All surfaces are sanded, removing finishes and revealing their natural beauty.


To make this dustless, we use two separate vacuums during the sanding process, as well as mask off any cabinets, openings and doorways, and use fans to create a negative airflow in the job site. The containment of the dust when we refinish wood floors has always been a huge priority to us, and we take pride in a clean home when we are finished.


With our new dustless system, masking off openings is no longer required, eliminating the need for tape and plastic, which can add time and also create extra work after the tape is removed. There are some situations where tape and plastic may be needed, but we will notify you during the consultation.


It is important to note that this process is not dust-free, but dustless. The best way to describe the amount of dust generated would be “as if you haven’t dusted for a couple of weeks.” It is what we have been telling clients for years now, and we think we do this better mainly because we try. Our equipment is regularly cleaned and maintained, and we practice constant vigilance during every project.

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